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Culture of Health for Business (COH4B)

Developed by a group of leading companies, nonprofits (including the Global Reporting Initiative) and academia, in collaboration with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Culture of Health for Business (COH4B) is a framework for the actions companies can take to manage their impact on health of employees, families and communities.

Included below are the practices and activities, such as productivity, brand and financial performance, that lead to both positive and negative business outcomes. Ultimately these activities could be grouped into 16 business practices, each within the control of business, that are measurable and supportive of performance tracking and disclosure, and of interest to the investment community.

The links in the “Report location” column direct to the pages where the related information can be found throughout this website.

For more information on the COH4B framework, please visit the GRI website.

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Culture of Health Business Practices (COHBPs)Description Report location
Health culturePromoting an organizational culture of health Our Response to COVID‑19
Employee Wellbeing
Responsible corporate political activityActivity that shapes public policy or public opinion Public Policy
Transparency Disclosures
Responsible marketing practicesCommitments to responsible marketing Sales & Marketing Practices
Engaging with Health Care Professionals
Direct-to-Consumer Advertising
Policies & Benefits
Health promotion and wellnessProviding health promotion and wellness programs Employee Wellbeing
Compensation & Benefits
Paid family and medical leaveAllowing employees to earn pay while away attending to illness, a family member or newborn Compensation & Benefits
Health insuranceProviding employer-based health insurance Employee Wellbeing
Compensation & Benefits
Equality, diversity and impartialityManaging inequality, discrimination and diversity, including disability Global Diversity & Inclusion
Human Rights
Financial literacyProviding financial literacy resources Employee Wellbeing
Workforce & Operations
Work timeManaging working hours, schedules and schedule control Compensation & Benefits
Job securityManaging job insecurity Compensation & Benefits
Pay practicesManaging wage policies, minimum wages, wage satisfaction Compensation & Benefits
Occupational health and safetyMandatory and voluntary occupational health and safety Employee Safety
Physical environmentManaging air quality, lighting, green buildings, health promotion attempts through the built environment Climate Change & Energy Use
EHS Management & Compliance
Community environmental impactsManaging the environmental impacts of company operations on communities Climate Change & Energy Use
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Product Stewardship
Air Emissions
Pharmaceuticals in the Environment
Waste Management
EHS Management & Compliance
Social capital and cohesionEncouraging links, shared values and understanding Employees Overview
Engaging Our Employees
Employee Wellbeing
Community involvementInvestments in programs to benefit communities, including disaster response and recovery Supporting Our Communities
Social Investments
Addressing Barriers to Health
MSD for Mothers
Impact Investing
Engaging Our Employees